Dona nobis pacem: 1968-2018

In 1968, two great American leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and Robert Kennedy were felled by assassins' bullets. On Christmas Eve of the same year, three American astronauts became the first human beings to orbit the moon, demonstrating that the dream of President John F. Kennedy was near realization, even after his untimely death. Now, the American people are called upon to abandon the last half century of degradation and war, and choose the optimistic path, identified as "the future Spirit of Humanity," by Schiller Institute founder Helga Zepp-LaRouche. In that spirit, the genius Ludwig van Beethoven once said that if his music were properly understood, "warfare in and among nations would become an impossibility." This performance is dedicated to that principle, and will be performed at the scientific tuning of C=256Hz.



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