2020: the Beethoven 250th Year

Beethoven at 13 years old.

The Schiller Institute NYC Chorus wishes to express our gratitude and appreciation to all who participated in making 2019 a great year for our chorus. As our very first concert in December 2014 was dedicated to "The Sanctity of Every Human Life," and as we have continued the theme of "Dona Nobis Pacem," give us peace, we can look ahead to 2020, the Beethoven 250th Year as a year of fulfillment and hope.

As Beethoven struggled in his mid-life with the realization that he was going deaf, rather than give up, he determined to fulfill his God-given powers of creativity, and give to mankind the fruits of that which makes us truly human, the power of agapic reason. In total deafness, he composed his greatest works including the 9th Symphony, which expressed Friedrich Schiller's celebration of the joy of "God's Sparks" which unites mankind. As Schiller Institute founder, Helga Zepp-LaRouche quoted Schiller in a message to the Alexandrov Ensemble Memorial on December 28th, "it is only through aesthetic education through great classical art that the ennoblement of mankind can occur. It is time that mankind grew into a new paradigm where the poets and artists become the natural leaders of the age." 

In 2020, we have a surprise in store, a hint of which is contained in the picture above. We hope you will continue to be a part of bringing the joy of classical music to more and more communities in the year ahead. 

All are welcome to join the chorus, as a singer, a sponsor, or a volunteer. 

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