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  • Sunday, July 12, 2020 at 04:30 PM · 26 rsvps

    Summer 2020 Music Class Series

    Beethoven As an American Composer

    We are excited to launch the our first Schiller Institute Chorus Music Lectures with this new Summer Series which will run every other Sunday on Zoom from Sunday, July 12th through September 20th.

    This class series will be taught by friends of the Schiller Institute Chorus and Schiller Institute who have spent decades studying such creative minds as L.v. Beethoven, Friedrich Schiller, and especially, Lyndon LaRouche.  Mr. LaRouche dedicated his entire life to bringing about a Classical Renaissance and due to his unbreakable commitment, many great musicians and minds such as Norbert Brainin (violinist), William Warfield (Baritone),  Carlo Bergonzi (Tenor), and many others joined with him over the years and became collaborators and friends.

    We hope to give you a deeper insight into that process and the role of classical culture in society through these classes and discussions. 

    Please join us this Sunday, July 12th for the kick-off class, "Beethoven As an American Composer" at 4:30pm on Zoom.

    Please RSVP to get the Zoom link!

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