"Marmotte" op 53 no 7

🎼🎶 Saturday, May 8, 2021

The little nonsense song “Marmotte” is a simple song well within the reach of any fledgling singer or accompanist. What most don’t know is that the poem was part of a play written by Goethe, in which it is sung by beggar children playing with their marmots (a kind of large squirrel often trained to perform tricks by traveling hurdy-gurdy musicians).This plaintive song, in a mixture of French and Austrian dialect, captures the loneliness of a child wandering and begging through the land.


Ich komme schon durch manche Land,
Avecque la marmotte,
Und immer was zu essen fand
Avecque la marmotte,
Avecque si, avecque la,
Avecque la marmotte.

I have come already through many a land,
with the marmot
and always found something to eat
with the marmot,
here and there,
with the marmot.
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Preview YouTube video Beethoven, Lied "Marmotte" op 53 no 7, dietrich dieskau - fischer
Beethoven, Lied "Marmotte" op 53 no 7, dietrich dieskau - fischer
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