"Verdi's Heroes and Heroines"

Yesterday, our New Jersey Schiller Institute chorus traveled to the Catskills to participate in a concert at the Altamura Center for the Arts, titled "Verdi's Heroes and Heroines." Conducted by John Sigerson and held at the Verdi-tuning of A=432Hz, this fantastic concert featured 8 young, professional singers presenting many of the greatest arias and duets by Giuseppe Verdi. All of the singers, who hailed from as far away as Poland, Guatemala, and the Dominican Republic were wonderful!

The Schiller Institute chorus presented the gripping and poignant Prisoners Chorus from Beethoven's Fidelio, Verdi's famous Anvil Chorus from Il Trovatore, and was joined by all of the soloists to end the event with the National Anthem of Italy, Verdi's great "Va Pensiero" chorus from Nabucco.

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