Columbus Weekend Musikabend

The Columbus Weekend Online Musikabend was presented on Sunday, October 11, 2020, by the Schiller Institute Chorus

An evening of Classical music, Spirituals and poetry, opened with from Liliana Gorini, president of the Italian Civil Rights Solidarity Movement, celebrating Christopher Columbus and the Age of Discovery. 

At the end of 2019, the Schiller Institute Chorus began a project to celebrate the Beethoven 250th year anniversary by performing the Missa Solemnis, opus 123 in this current year. Of course everything changed with the pandemic, but the chorus never gave up on this project, and at the end of the program, presented the first offering with the opening Kyrie movement of that Mass.

Columbus Weekend Musikabend


Liliana Gorini, President Movimento Internazionale per i Diritti Civili- Solidarietà

Greetings from Italy celebrating Christopher Columbus


Margaret Scialdone recites

Kolumbus, by Friedrich Schiller


Mike Billington, baritone & Margaret Greenspan, piano

Franz Schubert 

1) Die Krahe

2) Aus dem Flusse 


Rick Sanders recites

Columbian Ode by Paul Lawrence Dunbar 

To Autumn by John Keats


Nancy Guice, alto

Poems Unwritten by Fred Haight


Paul Gallagher recites 2 poems by Robert Frost

1) Misgiving

2) Sand Dunes


Kesha Rogers, alto

Hard Trials arranged by Harry Burleigh 


Michelle Erin, soprano & My-Hoa Steger,  piano

Mein Gläubiges Herze by Johann Sebastian Bach  


Victor Garcia, tenor

Panis Angelicus by Cesar Frank  


Annicia Smith & Jen Pearl, sopranos

Bei labbri del amore by Ludwig van Beethoven


Lisa Bryce, soprano

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot arranged by Harry T. Burleigh 


Dorceal Duckens, bass-baritone

Hold On! by Hall Johnson


Susan Bowen, reading

Reflection from 1846 Beethoven Festschrift  by Wilhelmine Schroeder-Devrient 


Schiller Institute Chorus 

Missa SolemnisKyrie by Ludwig van Beethoven


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