Holiday Extravaganza at Columbia Secondary School in Harlem

The Schiller Institute Chorus had a wonderful time with a great bunch of talented students at Columbia Secondary School in Harlem on December 18, 2019. 

Our chorus was honored to be the Special Guest of the Holiday Extravaganza. The chorus sang a Christmas Spiritual, Sister Mary Had-a But One Child, and a section from the Bach Magnificat. 

Solidarity was very high only two days after a fatal attack of a young student in the neighboring Morningside Park. Special congratulations went to Artistic Director Lisa Harrigan and principle Miriam Nightengale.

Despite the packed auditorium, at times, there were more students on stage than in the audience, until student Youwen Duan singing a solo rendition of Edelweiss, put the lyrics up on a screen and turned the microphone to the audience bringing the entire auditorium into one big chorus.

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