Irish Songs, WoO 152, 18-21

🎼🎶 Thursday, April 15, 2021

Beethoven’s personal touch is evident throughout his folksong settings, giving many of the songs preludes and postludes that were likely not present in the originals. His publisher, George Thomson, requested several times that Beethoven simplify the instrumentation, which Beethoven rejected out of hand, saying, “Unfortunately, I am not able to fulfill your request. I am not accustomed to retouching my compositions.”

Songs 18-21 of the WoO 152 collection include the beautiful “Farewell bliss and Farewell Nancy” and the hilarious drinking song “Morning a Cruel Turmoiler is”.

Beethoven - Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (18-21)
Beethoven - Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (18-21)
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