Irish Songs, WoO 152, 4-8

🎼🎶 Monday, April 12, 2021
This next set of Irish songs are numbers 4-8 of Beethoven’s WoO 152.
04. The morning air plays on my face
05. On the Massacre of Glencoe
06. What shall I do to shew her how much I love her
07. His boat comes on the sunny tide
08. Come draw we round a cheerful ring
“On the Massacre of Glencoe”, with text by Sir Walter Scott, tells of the shameful episode from Scottish history when a unit of Scots Army soldiers commanded by Robert Campbell which had been housed with the MacDonalds of Glencoe rose in the early morning and murdered their hosts for failing to swear loyalty to the new king, William of Orange, in a timely fashion. Catholics in Ireland considered this proof of the unreliability of Protestants in general, and thus the song became part of Irish folklore.
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Beethoven - Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (4-8)
Beethoven - Irish Songs/Irische Lieder, WoO 152 (4-8)
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