Irish Songs, WoO 153-8

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With its melodramatic flourishes, “Norah of Balamagairy: Farewell mirth and hilarity” is a favorite among Beethoven lovers world-wide.

Love, love, wins us by treachery,
Yet leaves no choice but humble submission;
What spell can conquer this witchery,
Woman our bane's the only physician.

Farewell mirth and hilarity,
Love has my heart in cruel subjection;
Ah me! Norah in charity
Spare a fond soul one throb of affection.
Why, as I pass'd, did I gaze on her casement,
Alas! With one look all my courage she shook!
But while I linger'd in moonstruck amazement,
Not a smile all the while cheers recollection.

Far, far hence tho' I fly from her,
Where other shores are kiss'd by the ocean,
Blest powers! Draw but one sigh from her,
Let her not live thus dead to emotion.
Yet I must steal one last glance ere I leave her,
Perhaps in her heart she may grieve when we part;
Hope, ah I dread thee, deluding deceiver,
Fair thy cup turn'd up, bitter the potion.

Ah me! Had we the agency
Of a kindhearted feat little fairy,
Good bye then to the regency,
Norah, the witch of Balamagairy!
Looks she, or speaks she, the lads are all sighing,
She scatters her spells, and then ev'ry heart swells;
Not a young clown but is pining and dying,
Ah! The fools, thus she rules Balamagairy.
Only two days to go until the next concert by the Schiller Institute Chorus: “Believe in the Future”!

Beethoven: 20 Irish Songs, WoO 153 - 8. Norah of Balamagairy
Beethoven: 20 Irish Songs, WoO 153 - 8. Norah of Balamagairy
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