Let Us Have Peace: Handel's Messiah

Schiller Institute NYC Chorus brought a peace concert to the Upper West Side on April 16, 2023.


St. Augustine stated in his book, The City of God, that, “the real evils in war are love of violence, revengeful cruelty, fierce and implacable enmity, wild resistance, the lust of power, and such like.” He believed that the only just reason to go to war was the desire for peace. “Be peaceful, therefore, in warring, so that you may vanquish those whom you war against, and bring them to the prosperity of peace."
Let us now vanquish the real enemies of mankind: poverty, disease, ignorance, and war itself, and thus bring the "prosperity of peace" to all the nations of the world.


Please note: Due to the malfunction of the broadcast and recording equipment, the concert was livestreamed from a phone on YouTube live. Therefore, the quality of the video and audio is poor, but it was fortunate that we were able to present and preserve the content of this extraordinary event. Our sincere apologies.


  • John Scialdone
    published this page in Past Events 2023-04-19 13:35:59 -0400

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