Schiller Institute Initiative: Revive Classical Principles of Art now!

The International Schiller Institute has issued a petition for artists to establish Friedrich Schiller's poem, "The Artist" as the "Standard for Overturning the Cultural Breakdown that Obstructs Peace and Drives Mankind to Global Nuclear War."

"Humanity has arrived again at the crossroads anticipated during the period of the American Revolution by Friedrich Schiller, the Poet of Freedom, who in 1785 published the work known in virtually all languages, the “Ode to Joy,” where it is declared: “All Mankind will become Brothers” (“Alle Menschen werden Brueder”). The poem had such a great impact in that era, that composer Ludwig van Beethoven spent decades of his life pinpointing the “seed crystal” embedded within the poem which would finally blossom into his final four-movement symphony, itself a monument to the principles of classical composition....

"Among the Artists of the last century, the internationally renowned violin soloist Yehudi Menuhin, a devoted advocate for the foundation of the United Nations, exemplified Schiller’s portrayal of that true Artist whose determination to eliminate the causes of war left a legacy to be followed....

"In 1789, Schiller published The Artists, (Die Künstler), a “Thought-Poem” which he called an “allegory” because it reconstructs the process by which the advancement of humanity, since earliest creation, required—and then generated—creative genius in artistic or aesthetic modes to nurture the creative capacity of mankind. It has been hard-won creative discoveries, the “allegory” portrays, which has enabled mankind to arise to implement solutions to the crises that threaten human physical survival; and equally important, to then found principles by which all of the cultures that comprise civilization can cooperate, peacefully, from new knowledge gained, to foster the benefit of all."

  • John Scialdone
    published this page in News 2023-09-30 09:34:32 -0400

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