Schiller Institute NYC Chorus celebrates 75th Anniversary of VE Day

The Schiller Institute NYC Chorus contributed a virtual choral performance celebrating the 75th anniversary of the famous meeting of US & Soviet forces at the Elbe River and of VE Day in honor of those who fought together to defeat fascism.

As part of an exchange of Russians performing American patriotic songs and Americans performing Russian patriotic songs, and similar offerings around the world, the Schiller Chorus made its first foray into virtual performance.

The video appeared on the RT Youtube channel and received great reviews. Unfortunately, because of the covid 19 pandemic, the few remaining survivors of the WW II experience can not be recognized publicly in parades or other ceremonies during this momentous 75th Anniversary. Nevertheless, the new capabilities of the internet age are being put into service in new ways for these and many other purposes to help circumvent the imposed physical limitations of the current crisis.

Schiller Institute NYC Chorus is continuing a full schedule of rehearsals online for performances at a future time, either on-site or virtually, and encourages newcomers to join the chorus. It is currently working on Beethoven's Missa Solemnis as well as African-American Spirituals, an ambitious project, not diminishing its commitment to properly celebrate Beethoven's 250th year.

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