Schubert Winterreise: D. 911-12

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When Schubert first published his song cycle "Winterreise" (Winter Journey), it consisted of twelve songs, closing with “Einsamkeit” (Aloneness). Schubert subsequently discovered the full cycle of poems which included twelve more songs. These he subsequently composed and published as “Part II”.
Wie eine trübe Wolke 
Durch heitre Lüfte geht, 
Wenn in der Tanne Wipfel 
Ein mattes Lüftchen weht:
So zieh’ ich meine Strasse 
Dahin mit trägem Fuss, 
Durch helles, frohes Leben, 
Einsam und ohne Gruss.
Ach, dass die Luft so ruhig! 
Ach, dass die Welt so licht! 
Als noch die Stürme tobten, 
War ich so elend nicht.
Like a dark cloud
Passing across bright skies,
When a faint breeze stirs
The tops of the fir trees:
Thus I plod along my path
With tired-out feet,
Through bright, happy life,
Alone and greeted by no one.
Alas! That the air is so calm!
Alas! That the world is so bright!
While the storms were still raging,
I was not this miserable.
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau sings Einsamkeit from Winterreise
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau sings Einsamkeit from Winterreise

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