A Concert Not To Be Forgotten

Can Beauty Silence the Drums of War?

by John Sigerson

Sept. 15—Among a number of public events marking the 17th anniversary of the al-Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington, one stood out as not merely a memorialization of past horrors, but as a herald of a future in which true justice shall be served, not only for those who died on that day and who continue to die of its after-effects, but also for a humiliated nation and an aching world.

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OBITUARY-Anthony Wentworth Morss, 1931-2018: A Life-Long Contribution to Art

All improvement in the political sphere is to proceed from the ennobling of the character—but how, under the influence of a barbarous constitution, can the character become ennobled? We should need, for this end, to seek out some instrument which the State does not afford us, and with it open up well-springs which will keep pure and clear throughout every political corruption.

I have now reached the point to which all the foregoing considerations have been directed. The instrument is the Fine Arts, and those well-springs are opened up in their immortal examples.

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SCHILLER INSTITUTE BEETHOVEN CONCERT: Classical Music Properly Understood Can Stop War

by Dennis Speed and Diane Sare


I do not like to talk about my mass, or, generally, about myself, but I believe that I have treated the text as it has seldom been treated before.

—Ludwig van Beethoven

June 18—Although the June 12 United States/North Korea Summit in Singapore was still two days away, the intention of the Schiller Institute’s June 10 concert, entitled Dona Nobis Pacem: 1968-2018, prepared the 450 persons in attendance, and the 150 choral and orchestral members performing, not only for that impending, successful shift of history, but for the possibility of similar changes in the immediate future. The revolutionary thinking required to make such breakthroughs is the subject of Beethoven’s Mass in C Major. The Schiller Institute NYC Chorus and Orchestra has begun a study of this work, and presented its preliminary findings on it in performance.

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A Concert Dedicated to the Spirit of RFK, Beethoven, and The New Paradigm

Featuring the Schiller Institute NYC Chorus
Sunday, June 10, 2018, 4:00 p.m.
St. Anthony of Padua Church
154 Sullivan Street
New York, New York 10012

by John Sigerson     

The prospect of ending the senseless decades-long stalemate between the two Koreas, and of finally bringing the world’s two most populous nations, China and India, into a bond of friendship and cooperation based on economic development and the elimination of poverty, cannot but warm the hearts of all men and women of goodwill, pointing a way to a New Paradigm of peaceful relations among nations, based on what uniquely distinguishes man from beast, namely man’s creativity and high purpose to improve and enrich the lives of everyone on (and above) this planet.

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REPORT FROM MANHATTAN: Sylvia Olden Lee and the Human Spirit


July 3—Initial coverage follows, of the historic events which took place in New York City on June 29 and 30 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Sylvia Olden Lee. It includes a brief synopsis by Dennis Speed of the significance of the events. 

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‘STRENGTH TO LOVE’ - A Special Tribute to Dr. King

By Dennis Speed

Justice, truthfulness, and those creative powers by means of which we may discover valid, revolutionary principles of our universe, form a seamless whole, in which Classical culture, morality, and physical science are united by a common passion for universal justice and truth. Where are the men and women fit to lead us in the pathway toward safety, the pathway toward rule by the principles of truth and justice, not ‘popular opinion’?

—Lyndon LaRouche, “The Substance of Morality,” 1998

Jan. 24, 2017—“Strength To Love”: A Unity Concert—A special tribute in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of the future, was the name of the flagship event which culminated a two day “congress” held by the Schiller Institute, in collaboration with The Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture.

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Historic Schiller Institute Memorial To Tu-154 Disaster at the Tear-Drop Memorial in Bayonne, New Jersey

A truly beautiful and world historic event took place Saturday at the Tear-Drop Memorial in Bayonne, New Jersey. The Schiller Institute Chorus, following their performance of the Russian National Anthem at the Russian Consulate in Manhattan last week in memory of the 92 victims of the Tu-154 crash, and especially the death of 64 members of the Alexandrov Ensemble, organized a similar, broader event at the Tear-Drop Memorial, donated to America by the Russian government to honor those who died on 9/11. Attending and/or speaking at the event were representatives of the Russian Mission to the UN, the NYPD, the Bayonne Fire Department, the Bayonne American Legion, the 9-11 Families United for Justice Against Terror, and the Schiller Institute, who sang and/or spoke, in a winter storm, about the necessity of the people and governments of Russia and America to unite in honor of the deceased, while demonstrating that the common, human emotion that unites us to mourn those who have been taken from us, can and must also unite us in creating a better future for Mankind.

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Message of Condolence to the Alexandrov Ensemble and the People of Russia


[The following statement was issued by International Schiller Institute Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche on December 30, 2016 and received at the Russian Consulate in New York that afternoon, and also sent on request to TASS.]

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December 17th Holiday Unity Concert: A New Cultural Platform for the Post-Obama Era

by Dennis Speed

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
                                     —St. Paul, Ephesians 6:12

Dec. 20—The 700-plus people that gathered at St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedral on Dec. 17, 2016 for the “Holiday Unity Concert” sponsored by the “Foundation for the Revival of Classical Culture,” responded both to the idea and the execution of this latest in a series of “experiments with truth” being conducted in the context of the evolution of Lyndon LaRouche’s Manhattan Project. Helga Zepp-LaRouche, the founder and head of the Schiller Institute, in a presentation made the afternoon prior to the evening musical performance by the Schiller Institute New York Community Chorus and the New England Symphonic Ensemble, stressed the strategic and moral necessity of such events: “I think we have to introduce a completely different level of thinking into the political process, which is why the performance of the Messiah and a long series of other concerts is so important.”

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